New Narrative for Europe

Can you help shape it?

New Narrative for Europe is an initiative designed to connect the general public with the European institutions via the arts and sciences. It provided a platform in which cultural practitioners shared their views on the future of Europe. These discussions led to a declaration presented in Berlin last March, which was followed by a campaign to engage the broader public and by the book ‘The Mind and Body of Europe’. The book gathers the most relevant contributions throughout the process. Both the campaign and the book were designed by Leftloft and presented at BOZAR in Brussels last October. The project was funded and implemented by the European union with the endorsement of the former President of the commission, José Manuel Barroso.


An overview of our wide fields of action

  • Logos & Trademarks

    What makes a brand memorable and unique.

  • Environments & Exhibits

    Designing for spaces: from signage to cultural display, from retail to events

  • Art & Culture

    We had the chance to work for museums, institutions and organization in Italy and worldwide

  • Educational

    Designing for school publishing

  • Type Design

    We love typography, we design typefaces, from lettering to complete custom type families.

Case Studies

selected projects