Luft is Leftloft's research platform that offers a broad view of the practice of design and encourages permeation of boundaries and dialogue between professionals from different disciplines of contemporary design by producing workshops, events, conferences, multidisciplinary experiments and content.

Luft operates both in the public and in the private sectors and works for institutions, companies, and organizations. By setting the stage for a new way of thinking, working and living, Luft aims to inspire new conversations, collaborations, and projects. 

Explore Borders

Lufthappens are a series of conversations with creatives, intellectuals and experts from various disciplines hosted in our studio. Watch our guests' video talks!

Shaping Identities

Touchpoint is an ongoing research wondering about the role of design and its potential when other disciplines are involved in its process. It curates projects like workshops, conferences, round tables and podcasts with the participation of companies, institutions, and individuals. 

  • touchpoint first edition

    Touchpoint - Co-design Experiments, 2016

    Specially designed as part of the XXI Triennale "Design after Design" in Milan. With:

    Rejane Dal Bello (Studio Dumbar), Pascal Soboll (Daylight Design), Francesco Cavalli (Leftloft), Luigi Spinola (pagina99), Gianluigi Ricuperati (Domus Academy), Edoardo Boncinelli, Paolo Iabichino, (Ogilvy&Mather Italia), Justus Oehler (Pentagram), Silvia Botti (Abitare), George Eid and David Lamothe (AREA 17), Astrid Stavro (Design by Astlas), Christian Haas (Raffinerie), Jean Villanueva and Thierry Brunfaut (Base Design), Roberto Bagatti (Rai), FF3300, Francesco Franchi, Hans Wolbers (Lava Design), Stefano Maffei (Politecnico), Bruno Genovese e David Pasquali (Leftloft), Chirryl-lee Ryan (Fjord), Mario Piazza, Robert Rebotti e Lorella Pierdicca (n.o.u.s.), Alessandro Busseni (Zero), Marco Cendron (Pomo), Sergio Menichelli (Studio FM), Giacomo Spazio, Francesco Valtolina (Dallas), Francesco Pacifico, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Odoardo Fioravanti, Paolo Casati, (, Andrea Cancellato (direttore generale Triennale Design Museum).

  • touchpoint second edition

    Touchpoint Co-design experiments, 2017

    Round table discussions with
    Marco Bani (AgID-Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale), Nicolò Bassetti, Simona Battaglino (Influse), Matteo Battiston (Luxottica), Laura Bordin (Frog), Silvia Botti (Abitare), Andrea Braccaloni (Leftloft), Paolo Brambilla (Calvi Brambilla), Carlotta Branzanti (Mondadori), Antonio Calabrò (journalist), Francesco Cancellato (Linkiesta), Simona Cardinali (Ales), Aldo Carioli (The Good Life Italia), Marco Cendron (POMO), Luca Curioni (Municipality of Milan), Chiara Daneo (Municipality of Milan), Antonella Di Biase (Vice Italia), Francesco Di Gravina (Leftloft), Luca Francescangeli (, Martina Gamboni (pr communication), Bruno Genovese (Leftloft), Cristina Juliani (Capgemini), Andreas Kipar (Land), Salvatore Larosa (Poste Italiane), Marco Maccapani (Carnival of Venice), Stefano Maffei (Politecnico di Milano University), Alessia Magistroni (Feltrinelli), Luca Martinazzoli (Municipality of Milan), Milly Moratti (Municipality of Milan), Cristina Ortiz (fashion designer), Mirko Pajè (Mediaset), David Pasquali (Leftloft), Luca Pitoni (graphic designer), Stefano Quintarelli (Lower House of the Italian Parliament), Matteo Reale (CNA), Gianluca Renato (Pirelli), Guido Romeo (journalist), Italo Rota (Studio Italo Rota), Francesco Sala (Jetcost), Federico Sarica (Rivista Studio), Maria Sebregondi (Moleskine), Christian Solia (Humanbit), Fabio Terragni (M4 Milano), Lidia Tralli (Fjord), Federica Verona (Super, the suburbs festival), Beatrice Villari (Politecnico di Milano University). Design Talk with international guests:  Chris Moody, (Wolff Olins), Erik Kessels, (KesselsKramer), Giulio Quaggiotto, (Nesta).


Design Is A Verb

A short film documentary showing the imaginary conversation among a young designer, who is facing the unexpected challenges of a profession and well-established designers interviewed during the first edition of design festival Touchpoint. The story brings out doubts, questions, responsibilities and desires that define the identity of a profession. 


Thierry Brunfaut [BASE, Brussels-New York-Geneva], George Eid [AREA 17, New York-Paris], Christian Haas [Refinery, Zurich], Pascal Soboll [Daylight Design, San Francisco-Seoul-Munich], Giacomo Spazio [Milan], Astrid Stavro [Design by Atlas, Palma de Mallorca-New York], Anette Vaering [Mindlab, Copenhagen], Hans Wolbers [Lava Design, Amsterdam].

What's design? What's its role in today's society? What are the tools a good designer should master? What relationship should be built between design and industry?

These are some of the questions asked a group of international designers featured in the film while moving the camera from an urban to a natural landscape, crucial environments in the definition of what it's like to be a designer of the XXI sec.