Nuovo Devoto-Oli

A new idea and a new image for one of the most important Italian dictionary

Devoto-Oli is one of the most important Italian dictionaries, published by Le Monnier. The new edition “Nuovo Devoto-Oli” and a new logo were specifically designed to celebrate the dictionary’s 50 years anniversary. The main purpose of the design was to create a new idea of a dictionary, an enjoyable and easy-to-use tool able to improve the mastery of a language. The volume was made lighter both in terms of reading and navigation. A special microtypography has been set including hierarchies, use of colour, and symbols that define the new text organisation. The typefaces used are Sole Serif by Cast Foundry and Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday.

Nuovo Devoto-Oli was honoured with the “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” TCD64 & Bronze at Laus Awards.

The colour highlights what the reader should see at a first sight, while the drop cap letters help the words research on the page. One of the main innovations was the introduction of three new sections that point out the most used words and common mistakes. These features represent special words, and each one has its own symbol and a two-columns-box, as an in-depth analysis. The page opening is marked by a big letter, both in lowercase and uppercase, nested in a white square inside the three-columns grid.

“Nuovo Devoto-Oli” redesign embraced every feature making the volume stand out in the bookshelf with its cropped-book jacket, its microtypography and a new logotype.


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