Touchpoint. Co-design Experiments

Touchpoint. Co-design Experiments

"Communication design after communication design"
What happens when design releases itself from individual talent and uses co-design? How can we design starting from hybrid and collective people, based on difference and influence?
The speakers on this issue were:
Edoardo Boncinelli (geneticist and scientific researcher at Università Vita- Salute San Raffaele), Francesco Cavalli (creative director and partner of Leftloft), Paolo Iabichino (group chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Italy), Justus Oehler (creative director and partner of Pentagram) and Silvia Botti (director of Abitare).

"A new era for design"
What is importance in design today in this era of image? In what way can – and must – this discipline interact with other disciplines? What will design studies of the future look like?
The speakers on this issue were:
Rejane dal Bello (graphic designer and illustrator), Pascal Soboll (physicist and designer at Daylight Design Europe), Francesco Cavalli (creative director and partner of Leftloft), Luigi Spinola (journalist) and Gianluigi Ricuperati (writer, essayist, and curator).

"Refreshing Design"
How can we manage to work for large clients and remain – economically and creatively – independent? What does it mean to innovate in the field of design nowadays?
The speakers on this issue were:
George Eid and David Lamotte (Area 17), Christian Haas (Raffinerie) and Astrid Stavro (Atlas).

In the spaces of the Triennale di Milano and the Expo pavilion dedicated to the subject City after the City, Leftloft created five pop-up studios designed to reunite different professionals and talented individuals around one project and observe the design of a contemporary and interconnected perspective. Co-managed by Leftloft and an international design studio, the pop-up studios coordinated the work of 100 talented young people with hybrid expertise in the fields of design, economics, IT, philosophy, and writing. Mixing different languages, cultural approaches, thoughts, and viewpoints, the participants collaborated in the generation of five different concepts: the drafting of an alternative guide to the city, apps to involve the public, solutions for food waste, a programme of proposals for social innovation, and a magazine on the experience of Touchpoint.
The participants in the pop-up studio were:
Studio Dumbar, Daylight Design, Area 17 and MindLab.

Design Marathon
The final event of the Touchpoint project was a bona fide marathon, which started at 10:00 am at the Fabbrica del Vapore and ended at 8:00 pm. It was an immersive and cross-disciplinary experience which brought together various leading players in the fields of communication, publishing, journalism, and haute cuisine, getting them to dialogue on various issues: ranging from design thinking and the concept of creative responsibility, to the contemporary view of design, and current and inevitable structural metamorphosis. The participants were:
Thierry Brunfaut and Fabian Jean Villanueva (Base Design), Hans Wolbers (Lava Design), Chirryl-lee Ryan (design and innovation principal at Fjord), The Open Source school of FF300, Robert Rebotti and Lorella Pierdicca (n.o.u.s.), Stefano Maffei (Politecnico di Milano and coordinator at Polifactory), Mario Piazza (art director, former chairman of AIAP and director of Abitare), Francesco Pacifico (writer and journalist) and Yoji Tokuyoshi (restaurant chef). With the contribution of:
Alessandro Busseni (Zero), Marco Cendron (Pomo), Francesco Valtolina (Dallas), Giacomo Spazio and Sergio Menichelli (Studio Fm).


An overview of our wide fields of action

  • Logos & Trademarks

    What makes a brand memorable and unique.

  • Environments & Exhibits

    Designing for spaces: from signage to cultural display, from retail to events

  • Art & Culture

    We had the chance to work for museums, institutions and organization in Italy and worldwide

  • Educational

    Designing for school publishing

  • Type Design

    We love typography, we design typefaces, from lettering to complete custom type families.

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